Thursday, September 23, 2010

the problem with chiropractic just occurred to me...

misalignment of the bony structures of the body lead to compression/laxity effects in soft tissue, nervous and circulatory systems and the viscera they serve. soft tissue postures are a product of our subradar self-concept, therefore an embodiment of a dynamic that will always reassert itself unless transformation is effected at a level deeper than the one at which the problem itself was formed.

further, there's no doubt conditions of organ health express in structural changes. organs are likewise suspended in soft tissues, the matrix in which all bones float. viscera express dysfunction (hyper or hypo or some melange of the two) in torques, draws, and dropsies in their connective tissue bags and surrounding tendon architectures, which in turn conditions the organ's volumetric capacity and the effectiveness of its proximal or distal connections to bone.