Friday, February 8, 2013

I remember so clearly being that one voice in the room at case conferences with all of the leading so-called master homeopaths... when they would trot out different caricatures from their materia medicas and barely be able to sort their disdain from the human material, I would always ask the inconvenient questions, prompting world famous lecturers to pronounce, "I am not a psychologist madame, and thank god for that..." as if the psychological aspect of the human person could be reduced to the mere monkey behaviourism of repertorialist homeopathy (as if there could be no greater oxymoron)... of course encounters with Edward Whitmont, Rolf/Feitis, Cousens and Cicchetti were reassuring, but what I'm about to quote is the synthesis I've been really waiting to hear, and my favorite teacher Alize Timmerman has just offered it: "Knowing ourselves creates the first step into knowing a remedy. The better we understand ourselves, the better we can create insights in the core of a remedy and the person in front of us. The more self-knowledge we have, the more connection we can have with the healing power of a remedy."