Monday, May 3, 2010

leading edge of a kite

reflecting on the lateral edge of the hands, the leading edge under the fifth, little finger. its like the fleshy brain compartment of the two kites, the arms and hands, our extensible and endlessly specializing motor tool of choice. but perhaps more importantly, the extensible and endlessly fluid remnant of our adaptation to air (wings) and space (gravitational manipulators). the hub for the fluid tensional branches of the arms is the rib basket, the spine, an interlocutor between the upper body and the pelvic root bulb and its levers, the legs, knees, ankles to feet that give purchase in gravity to ground.

injuries to nerves, nerve-rich areas, hypericum is often indicated. i say often since some injuries can be rather textbook, in which case hypericum brings great relief. but if there are other symptoms, their character, atypicality and degree of impact may indicate other similimum.

HYPERICUM: injuries of any kind, contusions, lacerations, punctures, surgeries, to parts rich in nerve, and injuries to the spine and coccyx. pain is sharp and shooting. this remedy picture is worse for movement, not better.

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