Thursday, January 19, 2012

talking cures in isolation

the talking cure guilds have had to acknowledge of late the abysmal success rates achieved among the more intractable psychological problems, a reflection of their limited, dogmatic contents and rather lacking methods for therapist self-assessment and skill development. the injection of consciousness and language itself seems to defeat the quest for illumination and change. i'm starting to believe you really have to get your hands on a person to help break through structural amnesias and distortion zones.

and there's a fantastic safety mechanism involved. it can only work if the appropriate bodyworker with the right tools matches up with a person ready to deconstruct their old patterns and explore new ones. thusly, though it can feel like someone is 'working on you,' the client still has to take an active role in the experience and as much responsibility as the worker. you can't really say the same of a talking cure scenario. you can unintentionally mislead your therapist far afield from the critical understandings that might aid you, but the body under an awake hand cannot lie.

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