Saturday, November 3, 2012

in mythology we access the human of human theme and its encapsulated truths, like in the example i'm about to quote. it's not just abstractly interesting as anthropological report. it describes the evident tango between rationality and creative imagination at the global cultural level...

"The male serpent deity became the phallic consort of the Great Mother, sometimes a "father" of the races, because he was the Mother's original mate. In some myths, he was no more than a living phallus she created for her own sexual pleasure. In other myths, she allowed him to take part in the work of creation or to fertilize her world-producing womb. When the serpent-creator turned arrogant and tried to pretend that he alone made the universe, the Goddess punished him, bruising his head with her heel and banishing him to the underworld." [Barbara Walker]
"Snake Witch," as these dragon-suckling goddesses are called in Sweden; this one from Gotland Island, carved about 1100, in other words at the cusp of christianization.

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