Monday, April 22, 2013

shifting focus

devotion to reports of the many atrocities and injustices at work in the world furthers the illusion that this knowledge is somehow akin to action and part of diligent citizenship. it takes us away from active participation in our less dramatic personal and local lives, while the outrage it fosters comes to influence everything from our habits in traffic to the general lens we apply to our experiences and thoughts. in short, obsession with the news and accounts of so-considered 'enemy' action takes us out of the grit our of reality and, worst, it obstructs the butterfly effect.

perhaps to constructively influence what's happening in the world, we could shift focus to the good and the true that we can accomplish with our own bodies, developing impulse control and exploring the mystery of our own inner space, working to fully embody our day to day living and patters of consumption, our immediate relationships and conduct in our local community. by changing the resonance within us and moving from spectating to acting, we create a ripple effect that not only touches our proximal perimeters, it creates a chain reaction that will touch every country, every person, every life form on earth. 

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