Tuesday, May 6, 2014

dropping balls with grace...

This is what a poor prognosis of 'weeks to live' looks like. Aho! 

I'm taking my best orders from a different drum as everyone knows.... as a result of tenacity and successful efforts to create a radical new personal reality, the larger world around me continues to shower me with angels, special purpose resources, trial situations where I have to put into play this new and hard won self ownership, all alongside unexpected opportunities for more and more authenticity and personal growth... the caveat here there everywhere was that I had to prove first that I could most positively do without, more than that, make glorious due... not just passively accept things as they are but bring ingenious engagement to the what is, thereby transforming even it's potential beyond status quo expectation, proving that indeed you CAN get something from nothing all the time... only once I'd passed that litmus test (which I didn't even know I was running or being tested with) did the impossible start showing up with its additive, case-in-point generosity... as in the unlikely form of a palliative care physician assigned to my case by pure chance, who, recognizing western medicine has nothing more to offer, has been at the ready with energy treatments that target viscera and acupuncture meridians... he also recognizes to my delight that stagnant energy prevents healing and so has proven wildly effective at restoring flow, even modifying for good the pretty impressive local oedema in L arm and both feet; because of his being in charge  of my case, I've been placed in a bubble of a kind here in the ward where I can do as I please, uninterrfered with; and finally, having found novel ways to make glorious best w the situation as I found it, a completely unexpected opportunity to return to the alternative protocols of my hearts desire but this time of an even more refined and specialized nature, literally walked thru the door and asked if it would be welcome. all of these angels and resources would never manifest if I sat back and conjectured as to what I needed to move forward... they appeared because I'd already rolled up my sleeves and got to the work of how to be at active peace with where I find myself. I formed my intention but didn't waste time or energy on the details... how the heck should I know best anyway. I simply formed intention, dropped the ball with grace...

and then got back to work 
with the where of my was. 

Stand by for miracles.

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