Wednesday, January 13, 2010

why some shapes are better than others

The BBC has reported that hip fat, unlike abdominal fat, "mops up harmful fatty acids and contains an anti-inflammatory agent that stops arteries clogging."

What's more, the article continues, "Fat around the thighs and backside is harder to shift than fat around the waist. Although this may sound undesirable, it is actually beneficial because when fat is broken down quickly it releases a lot of cytokines which trigger inflammation in the body, say experts. These cytokines have been linked to cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and diabetes. The slower burning hip fat also makes more of the hormone adiponectin that protects the arteries and promotes better blood sugar control and fat burning."

The scientists go on to conjecture that the calling of medicine might be to learn how to induce a shape limiter as a means to health through prescription of some kind, one that would "redistribute body fat to the hips."

I would say that hip fat performs its virtues by dint of its proximity to major lymphatic activity in the general area where the legs meet the trunk. Clean and well-exercised interstitial fluid, optimum communication of informational substances and nutrition to cells, these are the things that make for higher tissue function and improved system integrity, as when your body like your circumstance, works for you rather than against you.

So the issue isn't to induce body fat, thru chemical contrivance, to lay itself down at the hip and not the belly, it's to improve the body's food supply, it's quality of activity and hydration. It's to expand the posture of mind that it might overcome its own nature, and most important, eliminate the need to hold on to toxic matter.

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