Thursday, January 20, 2011

the tactics of quack fundamentalists

the rules of engagement used by reductionists and quackbusters, these cute, vestigial cul-de-sacs stuck in darwin's waiting room, are uniquely suited to third-rate, water-cooler messianics who secretly recognize an absence of factuals available for their rhetorical support. they can only decompose sufficient to stoop to classic disinformation tactics: escalate from intelligent debate to witch-hunt, evoke black and white propagandist sloganeering, present outright lies as though truth, reassure the audience that dumbed-down inquiry makes for better patriotism and more satisfying goodtimes, lather, rinse and repeat.

supporters and advocates for the holistic sciences are accused of luring the gullible away from appropriate treatment, which is, for the sake of rabid demagoguery, something the reductionists equate to murder. well, as point of order, advocates simply want the full, objective facts of both modalities of treatment to be laid out before the public so that informed choices can be made. in this interest, there is less than microscopic reportage in the mainstream press as to actual iatrogenic death rates or those in direct consequence to ideologically misguided suppressive treatments whose net effects are more debilitating and morbid than the original complaint. in often literal ways, little has changed since the days not long ago when jalap and mercury and phlebotomies were the rule of the day.

one of the consequences of civilization's tendency to homogeneity is a lapsing into established habits of communal practice that are hard to break, deeply ingrained as they are in the collective psyche, as in a persistence of the aura of divine absolution and freedom from suffering that pervades the conventional medical encounter that once pervaded the medieval religious one. endorsed by state and industry, the principal ideological underpinning used to excellent controls is the judeo-christian hangover, this archaic confession-absolution mechanism which inspires humanity to live its life according to morning-after pill tautologies. instead of evolving past the juvenile notion that we can behave with impunity, have our collective kicks and suffer them too, we hold to mind a puerile insistence that we be afforded nihilistic diversions to assuage the fact of our mortality alongside absolution in pretty pills and heroic procedures.

the expectation of being relieved of consequence as proletariat birthright (and protection from consequential prosecution as bourgeoisie idiom) is the proto-commandment of all mega-industries, the fatuous enterprises that have grown into pernicious versions of their original selves, raping and pillaging our precious habitat and belligerently defending constitutional loopholes favouring plunder; enslaving, sickening, and mass-murdering the delicate and noble units of consciousness who call our earth home; and finding no other metaphor for living aside from consumption and base-satisfaction, stripping our dear planet of her resources for mere electional frivolities, myopic fuel schemes and voracious consumer distraction-actions.

hardly anywhere do we see support for responsible stewardship and harmonious symbiosis as a ground for technology, progress and yes, our right to convenience. thusly does government and industry work to keep in place the ostrich effect that keeps declining-intelligence populations in the zombified groove of unchecked consumerism, gratuitous assaults on human health and environmental integrity without concern for consequence. in the place of righteous self-confrontation and judicious examination of attitudes and actions, we have the hollywoodized-for-pap promise that all our destructive and willfully unconscious behaviour can be absolved and neutralized in space-age, operatic campaigns of debt-forgiveness and a bright future of body-replacement technologies.

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