Friday, May 27, 2011

still working on a response to ferguson's 'six killer app' theory of western civilization, the research for which has proven a bit more massive than i expected even though my purview and ambitions are seriously modest. my attention deficits and lack of skill with respect to analysis, compilation, and reference organization have finally come to oppose me. good. i like a challenge.

yes, my mind is unruly. yes, in the absence of formal education, i've avoided the ordeal of serious scholarship, making the excuse that by doing things my way, strident and without backup, and unapologetically so, i could keep the kook visionary within alive and unfettered and, most of all, happy. truth is, if i'm to develop and grow as a writer, my habit core, my use of resources, my experiences and presuppositions, these must be turned into an electional architecture.

the main of my approach for the killer app deconstruction will be to demonstrate the archetypal dramaturgy in global systems... in spite of efforts in the humanities to make history seem like a series of unrelated, haphazard and discreet events, there's a very coherent story unfolding... what's more, its accurately and eerily reflected by the one macroscopic array worth examining, the cyclical movement of the planets in the heavens.

its by no coincidence, for example, that every single period of revolution and upheaval occurs in EXACT conformity with the alignment cycle of pluto and uranus as they move through mutual conjunction and opposition. this will be where my examination begins since the factuals are rather incontrovertible and put conventional historical analysis on its ear...

competing for focus, i can't help but let myself get drawn away into an uptake of content i sorely need if i'm to do some writing on one of my pet causes, universal nuclear disarmament and the end of nuclear energy. i'm biting into research summations provided by the global consortium on security transformation, and learning up on the history of the NNPT.

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