Tuesday, October 30, 2012

La Singla Antonita's miraculous story:
From birth, Antoñita La Singla suffered in severe pain. Her Mother, Rosa, took her to several doctors. It was suggested that she had meningitis - But the truth, it was finally learned, was that the girl was deaf and mute. 

Rosa: "First I panicked, then started fighting to save her. Dr. Ramos was my last hope. He said that maybe she would start talking when she turned seven or eight years, if not, then forever she would remain silent."

> As a small child, Antonita captured words with her eyes and seemed to guess the sounds coming from the guitar strings.... And then came the Miracle: At eight years of age the girl spoke. One word, sweet, loving and eternal...a single word, that was the beginning of the miracle. After this beginning came profound effort, determination, and the will to recover the years she had spent in silence. 

She began dancing rumba, fandango, and bulerías with mastery... She was being called the heir to Carmen Amaya. And with Carmen Amaya made her film debut in the film Los Tarantos. She played in a number of theaters around the world. It is said that the real miracle of La Singla was that while she was deaf she danced with grace and duende. 

She began to speak at age 16, and retained a childlike personality. She captivated audiences with her dancing - her "duende" - Of her it is said that she had perseverance, willpower, and the courage to regain the lost years. Her mother too was tenacious – Rosa armed herself with strength and will to raise her daughter in the way that she did - [Gypsy Chronicles]

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