Monday, October 29, 2012

on edward christopher whitmont, jungian analyst homeopath:
he was a star and an inspiration, that's for sure! before he died i used to drive down to his home in connecticut to sit in on his group sessions where he would work with practicing homeopaths, i was a student observer, giving them ways to work with dreams and the psyche at a time when homeopathy was in danger of becoming overrun by behaviorists... he taught how to see beyond the literal symptoms, and more important, beyond the clinician's own bias of perception and judgements about the client....these adjustments are only possible with an understanding of the life drama's purpose-fullness and its cosmic, elegiacally-birthed sense of hope and story. permitting a view of human suffering without scolding or smothering it, framing it instead as sacred communicator, the teacher that is always there but so easy to misconstrue, whitmont left the river better than he found it.

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