Friday, September 6, 2013

upping the game...

upping the game is something i can never rest from doing nor take for granted, certainly not while i'm still racing to catch this thing. tomorrow i add in a homeopathic protocol (ramakrishnan) that will see me energetically plussing a remedy on a daily basis for 2 months, alternating each week between my constitutional of the moment, and a nosode... i'll also be taking Toxina de Alacran, a scorpion remedy coming out of a veritable homeopathic renaissance happening in cuba... i've started mixing chaga powder in water with lypospheric vitamin c and drinking that a couple times a day, having heard it will raise my natural killer cells by 300-400% in just one week... and finally, after two months of hunting, frustration and often muddling confusion, i found a qualified practitioner who will give me the intensive daily IV treatments and injections that i've been waiting for and in a manner individualized to my blood panels, not just shots in the dark.

i'll be on daily drips starting monday for a couple months at least... this is the begin of another rally, another big push. i've regained enough strength to be ready and primed for it... onwards!

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