Thursday, February 10, 2011

on GMOs

GMOs are a technological mechanism designed purely for the furtherance and convenience of the monocultural production schemes of corporate agriculture. These genetic modifications are dressed to impress by positing a host of bionic-type improvements in food 'products' but in truth they intrude on the organisms' inherent logic of developed form, functionality, and habitat-responsiveness.

Instead of working biodynamically to restore the soil mantles and reverse the systemic effects of monocultures, and the polluting tools of large scale chemical farming, these GMO intrusions only serve to further entrench the dissonance of our practices with natural laws, and will certainly have the disastrous result of supplanting unmodified wild organisms.

Equally troubling, the effects on human health have been insufficiently and irresponsibly examined. The quick-tracking by governments of these modifications reflect a macabre dislocation around an uncommon-sense truth: all life forms are direct end-products of the food sources they consume. A moratorium on this technology must be campaigned for while sustainable practices for farming and agriculture promoted in the form of public and producer education.

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