Saturday, February 26, 2011


one of the more compelling aspects of the stem cell horizon for me isn't so much the notion of an immortality quotient or cosmetic youthening. setting aside even the fascinating biomechanic leverage for tissue regeneration and disease reversions, the opening up of this research and longevity technologies in general suggests that as a sapiens sapiens species we are now at the point, in terms of psychospiritual progress, where we need no longer rely quite so exclusively on the macro gateway of the hardform death/rebirth mechanism in order to restage the problem set of our grappling. nor, perhaps, do we need to call forth with such hair-trigger destructive appetance the cleansing funeral pyre to achieve clear self-confrontation, or relinquish outworn, limited and therefore necrotic attitudes.

put another way, it means we're at a unique turning point wherein we've at last tapped and are slowly exercising the many means by which we can die and be reborn within a single, given lifespan. this type of broad regeneration and responsiveness is more conservative of the energies, and more elegant in terms of dramaturgic staging and wisdom implementation. it would also allow for upgraded inner researches, greater illumination in self-other-habitat relations, and would prove less reliant on collective needs for gross-level passion plays and their often damaging, traumatic upsets for the conveyance of information or experiential reconnoitering.

this indicates there are new psycho- and somanautic technologies pressing for revelation and use by individuals, further untapped potentials for the complete rewriting of ego interfaces, and new opportunities to benefit from karma bringing forth its dharma in a single lifetime, as opposed to along the course of several. the stones are still skipping across the cosmic fantastic, but we won't be needing the drug of dipping back into the hardest harmonic of regeneration for absolution of intractable conflicts and dead-end, stubborn patternings.

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