Saturday, August 27, 2011

let's recognize the interesting promise breaking forth as jack layton returns to the elementals... suddenly, the old games are up. its why some are also extremely unnerved by the awakening, the false-ideology cessation.

with the passing of this political activist, the vulnerability but also our own power that he put us in touch with completely transforming us, we now live in a new order where we no longer need elections to defeat the wrong kind of government, we just need the ideas and humanitarian and mother-earth-friendly vision and legions of happy warriors, visible every day and in every way, constructively insisting on the better world we now know is distinctly canadian, and distinctly possible...

coverage of the funeral tends toward the given that Jack Layton's time was unfairly cut short. i have to completely disagree. i think Layton and the fates had an exquisite sense of timing. just look how fluently his death and our mourning experience are serving and co-creating this interesting promise of which i spoke. when you live devoted to a certain vision on mortality and morality based on the singularity of all manifestation, you want your death to count for something as well, and on that count, if jack layton did want, through his letter to canadians, to touch people sufficient to wake them up to pressing realities and their beautiful compassionate natures, his final hopes have borne fruit.

environmental sustainability that serves to end hunger and poverty. peace from violence and terror and financial crime. education, employment, preventative medicine, national health care, personal freedom, community responsibility, highest quality food and water supplies and support for progressive natural medicines, art and culture, these were just a few of the seed values jack layton worked tirelessly for. many canadians took great security from his presence in various tableaus of government. it meant at least there was one person they could trust to front these values at the table. now that he's gone and there isn't, engagements of citizen intelligence in the service of these principles might just hit an all time high. like the crowds called out when his casket came home, "Thank you Jack."

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