Monday, August 19, 2013

lazarus moment...

it took some doing but i managed to put together the financing for hyberbaric oxygen and ozone treatment. i started the HBOT today and it really is no exaggeration to call it the kiss of life.

it would be too tedious _just_ at the moment to start detailing the many things i'm doing right now to neutralize this cancer, suffice it to say wherever i go and whomever i speak with, i'm getting straight As for the comprehensiveness of my protocol, my hustle, multi-tasking, and spunk. ironically, the two words i've heard most these last three days are, 'glowing,' 'radiant...' it seems cancer agrees with me! perhaps that's why the tumour is so reluctant to let me go.

in the meantime it keeps playing its dramatic moves (they don't call TNBC 'aggressive' for no reason, i discovered...) and i keep countering with mine. i can't go into the details, but suffice to say i'm changing so completely, tuning in so exquisitely to the ecstatic channels of life, i barely recognize myself... and the more decisions i make guided by what is true for me (instead of contorting myself to comply to what is false for me)... by feeling in the dark for my womanness, by grounding in the limitless potential of each NEW moment, the more unpredictable and exciting life becomes. aho!

there are no ultimate securities, i've always known that. so why build a life around playacting a collective denial of this truth when there is such a more vital and beautiful world to uncover leaning into uncertainty and change.... and the impossible!


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