Tuesday, March 4, 2014


i've had four treatments on the quantum biofeedback L.I.F.E. system and the results are miraculous. i've known that the center of gravity of this illness is in the emotional/psychological body but have had mixed results getting my hands on it so to speak....  this modality is wonderful for just that, but it also serves to identify organic imbalances and reprograms those to the correct frequencies for health and healing. i've astonished the practitioners with the pace of my clearing and my retention of the new frequencies! as i'm fond of telling them, just give me an inch and i'll take a yard! i don't believe cancer need be fatal. its all a gross misunderstanding.

since these treatments began tumor activity in my body has slowed and in some areas stopped altogether. my energy is great and improving daily, i'm doing the more strenuous of the hot yoga classes without difficulty and with considerable elation. my emotional baggage, considerable at first diagnosis (depression, disappointment, anguish, attachment issues etc) have cleared to the point that i no longer score for any emotional stress or neurotic patterning whatsoever, something i can appreciate myself from the constantly improving, more comprehensive outlook and capabilities i feel emerging from deep within me every single day. the pain that required narcotic treatment to get me out of the loop of diminishing returns has quieted down to the point that i'm off meds entirely and since that pain was coincident with metastatic activity, this is a fantastic sign. in fact, i'm almost completely free of pain at this point.

we know my liver is compromised from a couple months of those percocets but with each treatment it takes less time to clear out the weakened frequencies and input the new. inflammation has been present in lymph and lung and is on a steady decline. the headaches have disappeared down to a slight pulse from time to time. the kidney pain is gone, so too is the back pain and pelvic pain. miraculous!

my protocol of the moment is a couple to three IVs a week, with homemade and liveOn lypospheric vitamin C intercurrently on days off, hyperbaric oxygen, my usual supplements, green juicing and living foods with some cooked protein, and lots of emotional work with EFT (tapping).

evidence of more angelic intervention, my employer reached out to a renowned medical intuitive and psychic who has stopped giving personal readings. they discussed my case briefly and moved on to other business as she is focused now on training other healers to do the work she does and my employer has interests in this area. then the intuitive made a surprising move and decided to make an exception in my case. she wants to see me right away, tomorrow morning in fact. this will coincide with transit chiron passing exactly opposite my natal moon, something its been doing since i was diagnosed and will be doing until late this year. its a profound time for healing and finding one's life path out of the detruis of a collapsed old order. angels! angels! angels!

as i am fond of saying because it came to me one night during these quantum medicine sessions, i am healing at the speed of light...................! yes! yes! yes!

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