Monday, September 12, 2011

reclaim somatic ground

if you can't afford psychotherapy and need to defrag, just stand naked in front of a fulllength mirror for more than a few minutes. the judgements and the assessment of body parts quiets down if you stand in that reckoning gaze with the self for long enough. then, as if by magic, the soft motherly animal forces of the earth start to rise in your perceptions and you startle to see your own body as a gentle beautiful flower full of light and story, just like every other body out there.

this kind of shift in the way we experience ourselves would take such stress off of our interfacing. we withhold so much of our own energies hating our bodies, it makes us weak and ineffectual. there's no benefit to be had, neither darwinian nor epigenetic, from self-hatred.

artwork by Arrington de Dionysos

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