Monday, February 10, 2014

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Breast cancer is a frightening diagnosis for women, particularly in view of the profound secondary effects of standard of care treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Despite apparent gains in technology and science, mortality rates for cancer remain relatively unchanged and many who have watched family members and friends succumb to the ravages of chemical and radiation interventions are now seeking alternatives. 

Since the early 1970s physicians and clinicians working in the field of holistic and integrative medicine have explored and documented many excellent treatment options for cancer patients who wish to preserve the integrity of their constitutional health while managing the disease into long-term remission. Principal among these is intravenous high dose vitamin C. Based on the Nobel-prize winning work of pioneer Dr. Linus Pauling and further developed by such luminaries as Dr. Thomas E. Levy, vitamin C IV therapy, in combination with a complete program of lifestyle modifications like the ketogenic diet, naturopathic supplementation, hyperbaric oxygen, physical exercise, and personal inquiry, have been proven time and again to be an outstanding means by which patients given a morbid prognosis can take control of their own fate and support the body to do what it does best... restore balance and vital health.

While genes have an important role to play, the field of epigenetics now conclusively tells us that context is key... genes are not as determinant as we've been led to imagine by the popular press, but are turned on or left dormant as a result of stress and other mitigating powers at play in our surrounds. This is why taking personal inventory, examining professional, family, and relationship dynamics, and exploring one's psychological and spiritual attunements, is so important. And while we are all keenly aware of pollutants and hazards in the earth, water and air, the issue of susceptibility is key. Even when all conditions are maintained at a constant, we very often observe that one person will fall ill while another does not, highlighting the importance of looking at the overall strength and resilience of the constitution as a cornerstone for survival in these often troubled times.

What's more, as cutting-edge research now tells us, cancer is best understood as a metabolic disease rather than one of mere abnormal cell growth produced by genetic or environmental factors. The research of Dr. Thomas Seyfried in particular, a prominent promoter of the ketogenic diet, has illuminated the mechanisms within the cancer cell that point indisputably towards the impaired cellular energy metabolism which defines the disease, no matter where its point of origin in the body. In effect, healthy cells can switch between both glucose and fats as energy sources while cancer cells cannot. Exploiting this impairment, the ketogenic diet strictly removes all sources of glucose and carbohydrates from the diet, replacing them with high quality plant fats and fatty acids like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, and macadamia nuts, to name a few. Bringing blood glucose levels down to a minimum, this approach effectively starves cancer while continuing to provide a rich and abundant supply of energy to the body in the form of these superb fats. When dietary modifications like this are combined with intravenous vitamin C, the results are often spectacular. Megadosing with anywhere from 20-100grams of C ensures that this important helper can reach and saturate tumour tissues where its presence is preferentially toxic to cancer cells.

Cancer is a diagnosis that causes tremendous fear yet in truth it's simply a call to bring balance and awareness to our living. Rather than being experienced as a terrible turn of events it can be viewed as an opportunity to be embraced and exploited for the highest and best. If you would like more information on treatment options available for both the prevention and treatment of cancer, please feel free to contact our clinic. Our healing abilities are limitless!

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