Monday, February 10, 2014

doing a little jig...!

it occurred to me shortly after i discovered the little nodule just south of my scar that this was actually a response my body was giving me to a question i had self-raised... with an obvious tumour outside the body such as i had in the breast it was easy to gauge the success or failure of my efforts, whereas after surgery i'm somewhat in the dark as to the changes taking place inside the lymphatic system or elsewhere and i'm not terribly keen to start exposing myself to radiation every few months for the sake of a CT scan-aided look-see.

it was only a few days after i was thinking about all this that the nodule appeared and each day for a while it was getting every so subtly larger... until this weekend when it started to melt away after i did some emotional cleansing and work on my relationships with friends and loved ones, renewed degenerated vows at the dharma center, got back on my diet and started really ramping up the amount of our homemade lypospheric vitamin C that i was getting into me. then, of course, came the great news that i had many more IV treatments on my tab than i imagined. i had a groovy cocktail bag of C and B17 on friday and spent a fruitful weekend full of activity getting a tonne of deferred things finished. this morning the nodule is half the size of my pinky fingernail, down from the size of a big lemon seed. yeeeeeeeeeeee! :))))

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