Tuesday, February 25, 2014


two days ago

since writing 'relapse, baby,' over a week ago (i had only time to record the draft but not to edit it until tonight) and with the full support of my employer, i've cut back on my manic schedule (surely an expression of trying to distract myself with the semblance of a return to a normal life before i was due for it or sufficiently healed from surgery) and have refocused on second-stage treatment full time (hyperbarics, IVs, frequency therapy etc) with a view to switching to gerson therapy for my diet by march (will be writing more on this soon).

i found another pea-sized tumor next to the first one in the L armpit today and the thoracic nodule has doubled in size, but my pain keeps reducing daily. after my second frequency therapy session i ovulated (it was looking like my menses was going to be suspended this month due to the extremis of my overall stress levels... to be having a regular healthy period during a serious illness is a good sign); i'm taking honeysuckle (bach flower Rx) after the freq machine noted i needed it and continuing to move forward. i've had a lot of fatigue which is particularly demoralizing for me, but i'm handling it much better since therapy resolved my relaxation conflict. speaking of which, though i have much more to report and write of, i must bow to my need for more rest and call it a night.

two weeks ago

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