Saturday, October 26, 2013

got to be willing to change game plans....

fantastic meeting this morning with a young and brilliant orthomolecular nutritionist who presented cutting edge knowledge and insight into exactly what the issues are for a person in my situation... given my O RHneg blood type, and i know i've said this before, i'm not designed to tolerate veganism very well... yes i know there are countless examples of successful vegans of this blood type, but i'm willing to experiment with and honour my own experiences more. i need my strength right now and its leaving me the deeper i go into using only plant-based nutrition, plus i simply cannot swallow 80 spirulina horse pills a day... i can manage about 30-40, which i will continue doing as it agrees so splendidly with me... (wondering why i don't make green smoothies? ever try drinking spirulina or chlorella without recourse to fruit? if so, please send me your formula or recipe, i haven't found a way to make it go down without a fight and fight is something i have to save for the big challenges on this road).

being starved of adequate protein has been crippling my immune and nervous system, creating a vicious cycle not just biochemically but behaviourally where the weaker i get, the less i'm able to feed myself or address my own needs, the more weaker i get and so on. like on waking this morning in a reduced state after being ill for three days, i knew i needed to eat something for breakfast, but i was so weak, and as a result of my depleted biochemistry, so temporarily disoriented by depression, i couldn't manage it. even when help was offered, i batted it away peevishly, a low point i haven't yet sunk to. it felt quite like a chamomilla state common to suffering children of intense dissatisfaction with everything, nothing consoles, wants something then refuses it... i can't afford that kind of self-sabotage, so my meeting with this new ally couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

i presented my concerns about animal protein and got the start of an education i need to further about essential cofactors that will buffer and protect me from any acid reaction so that i can get the nutrition my body is calling out for but without the harmful side-effects... i'm going to start small and work up to 3.5oz of protein with each meal on the condition that there is double that portion of greens and that i take a few tablespoons of coconut oil at the same time.... i will, of course, only be eating animal flesh from our local organic butcher, keeping to cleanest sourced chicken and fish for the most part.

i was tested on a special computer program that uses impedance to measure BMI but also my water levels... this test measured how much of my body's water is inside my cells (where the nutrients are) versus outside my cells (where the toxins are).... for someone my age, an ideal score is between 57-59% inside the cells.... my score was 54.9 which she described as outstanding and one of the best she's ever seen even in her healthy clients! this must be a reflection of the work i've been doing with diet, supplementation, the hyperbaric, the ozone, and the IV therapy. all of my other scores were equally good.... my body has somehow blessed me and preserved my muscle tissue while effortlessly dropping all the toxic fat i was glad to be free of anyway...

my cellular phase angle score came in at 6.4... ideal score for my age group is 6.3 - 6.7, so this is very encouraging given the fact that i'm scoring under such stress of disease these nice numbers. gets me to thinking what kind of health i'll be able to have when i've done duty with this dragon. my BMI came in at 18.5, exactly on the margin between healthy weight and underweight... i did say i was walking a tightrope and there we see the accurate extent of my intuition and self-observation.

after my consult i went to the clinic for my IV treatments and ate my leftover cucumber salad from the night before that i had the sense to take with me. a little while later i was throwing up again but got intercepted by healing hands that stopped the heaves in their tracks. when i got home in the early evening i was kindly greeted by some vegetarian soup which i threw up almost immediately. no, i had to get this experiment in process, even without a second wind. by the time shopping was done it was 730p, i was fading fast. where there's a will... i've learned to use a stool in the kitchen when i'm too weak to stand, worked quite nicely while i made a ginger sesame oil garlic and lemon marinade and popped some drumsticks into the convection oven. made a big bowl of organic salad greens and broccoli sprouts and then sat down to eat, following instructions.

so far, so good.... immediately after eating i had a massive clearing of the sinus that just seemed to go on and on and now for the first time in a week i feel cleared of congestion. however, fatigue of day hits, to bed i go. i have a funny feeling i won't be throwing up.

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