Sunday, October 6, 2013


i took quite ill last week and had to conserve my energy, so apologies for not keeping to date here, but i have nothing but good news to share.

last week i wrote:

waking up a handicapped immune system has been my first test of faith and persistence. intense response had my green team thinking i was in a bad way. i made contact with my white team and got the further tests, results and meds but refused to stop the injections or take the medications. couldn't walk on own three days. green team worked on me every day, even sunday. then today at last minute all the WBC and RBC distortions disappeared. i walked freely. 

now we start the second course, which is even stronger. you can deal with anything if you have a strategy... 

since then i have persevered and entered the land of night sweats and fevers. no matter how grueling things have got (my days have run from 6-12 hours of treatments not including all the driving) i kept to my program. the most challenging part has been keeping to a near starvation diet... keeping my caloric intake low and strategized is one of the cornerstones to the metabolic treatment of cancer, but it requires strength of mind and soul to walk that tightrope.

two days ago i wrote:
ten days ago the secondary metastatic tumour in lymph node was visible and about size of cookie... it is now no longer visible and about the size of my pinkie fingernail... primary tumour is also now showing signs of retreat... onwards!

after soaking the bedding thru twice as has been the norm these last few days, i got up to hydrate and move to the couch. that's when i noticed the primary tumour shrank another 20% overnight.

i knew something was different during the night when i spontaneously turned onto my right side, something i normally have to do so very gingerly and with careful adjustments. yet last night i turned over and was able to just glide right into my normal sleeping position, something i've not been able to do for months. i passed out immediately from sheer relief. so when i got up with morning and looked at my body and saw just how much its melted away, i squirted tears of joy and relief. for all those months i had to keep to my vision and faith when it wasn't looking good. this is what i learned is most important. i never gave up on me, instead i learned to give up making myself miserable by dwelling on other people's actions.

there is still a long road ahead, reabsorbing a tumour the size of a small melon while continuing to support the body as it heals from twenty years of PTSD, nutritional torment and self-abuse with drugs, alcohol and toxic relations requires wisdom, persistence, and constant vigilance. working with the situation as it is and endeavouring to bring not only the self but those in orbit into a state of grace is the task at hand. one foot in front of the other, little by little, i will go far.

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