Thursday, November 14, 2013

cork bobbing on the surface symptoms...

i think that sometimes in homeopathic prescribing a more complex picture is sought at the expense of the leading simple simons, as these signals are thought to be too obvious to lead anywhere truly curative.

i've been drawn away from this to work more intuitively, and at the level of overlay, precisely because it is the MASK of symptoms. looking at my own main complaint, leg cramps in the night, i've decided to take a single dose of cuprum... in the Morrison Guide, "To maintain control over strong inner emotions or impulses which are strongly suppressed, the patient closes down every expression. This makes the patient appear absolutely closed. The convulsions and spasms occur from the release of this rigid tension."

this reminded me again, that what cannot be conveyed through symbols at the level of mind and in-spiration, escalates to the next level of concretization, the body, where, if the symbol is recognized, the materialization becomes unnecessary.

lousie hay says,

"Cramps: Tension. Fear. Gripping, holding on."
"Leg: Carry us forward in life."

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