Thursday, November 21, 2013

plan b...

the bloodwork drawn at the start of november showed some abnormalities consistent with a high inflammation state in the body, but it also showed a near miraculous return to perfect health in liver, kidney and thyroid function. white team wants to perform a palliative mastectomy right away as the lesion has raced ahead of me. i have initiated that road as a backup plan to some other strategies i'm putting into practice as we speak. i told green team i have a three-strikes you're out attitude to the things i try and each time we did local injections near the site the response was incredible pain, dramatic growth and/or some kind of swelling, perhaps consistent with the immune response we're looking for, its hard to say. in order to avoid becoming reliant on narcotics for pain, i decided to go back to injecting in the hip fat.

i remember hearing the case of a woman who had a terrible skiing accident in europe. the wound went gangrene and the doctors wanted the amputate. the woman refused, started bruising the leaves of cabbage, wrapping the affected area and eating large amounts of raw cabbage. the wound healed rapidly. i believe the body might have a better idea how to get rid of this than any surgeon and i'm prepared to go quite far off the beaten track before i opt for plan b.

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