Tuesday, November 26, 2013

frontiers and follies look the same...

In the last couple days I've entered new territory, I now have to be taking narcotic painkillers which means I'm under their influence when I do my practice of breathwork, spontaneous movement and shaking interspersed with slow asana-based fascial stretching. Without the meds I have more limited range, so while on them I'm taking advantage in this game of chicken... I'm pressing forward into deeper practices because I believe in the therapeutic powers of breath, awareness, and the raising of prana or qi. It's not for no reason these practices have persisted in human culture, in their doing they take us beyond and before the degradation of sense civilization has inflicted on us. It permits that return to the first Edenic garden of at-one-ment with Mother Earth, and while I'm alive I intend to resurrect it and know it.

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