Friday, November 22, 2013


another present that came my way thanks to mum, today I got my first bottle of pandimex... with all the previous oxygen treatments, my body is prepped and ready and slurping it up! excited! I also got more test results that show remarkable pictures of health. I lost a little more body fat but put on a couple pounds of pure muscle!!! thank you yoga!!! not only that, the bio impedance test says I'm suddenly retaining a large amount of water that wasn't there last month!!! wonder where???? for the first time in weeks there was no increase in the lesion size this morning and I stopped taking painkillers... all because I broke a spell last night. onwards!

"Pandimex is a product that is created from a preparation of ginseng. Several anti-malignant mechanisms of Pandimex have been eluicdated at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada, documented case studies, and clinical studies are giving significant evidence for the use of certain ginsenosides in the treatment of cancer. This therapy has been approved as a chemotherapeutic agent in the republic of Georgia and clinical trials in hospital settings are underway. Pandimex contains several different ginsenosides or components of the ginseng extract to exhibit a collective range of anti-malignant effects which include:

  • Induction of Differentiation- When differentiation is induced in malignant cells, they start to resemble normal cels along with their normal replication rate and cell cycle.
  • Apoptosis of Cancer cells Through Different Mechanisms-  Apoptosis means programmed cell death and is a main goal in the treatment of cancer. when multiple pathways for the signaling of cell death in cancer cells utilized, tumors become more targeted and susceptible to the therapy. As malignant cells and responses to agents can vary within the same tumor, a multi-faceted approach can be very beneficial. This is why more than on chemotherapeutic drug is often used in therapy.
  • Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR) Reversal- One component of Pandimex called dammarange spogenins has the ability to inhibit a protein pump found on MDR cancer cells. By inhibiting this pump MDR cancer cells become more susceptible to naturopathic and conventional chemotherapeutics. Evidence suggests synergistic action with conventional chemotherapies and clinical trials are assessing concurrent administration. In clinical trials reported adverse effects of Pandimex have been minimal.

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