Monday, November 11, 2013

shaking medicine...

this is a teacher i'm not familiar with, but thanks to an angel of a new friend i got sent this video which is a great representation of SHAKING MEDICINE.... as i was just writing this morning, "i feel shaking should be intensely self-directed and can be accomplished without teacher or methodology, just the space, opportunity and the presence of others doing the same work..." and yes, i am definitely ONE OF THESE PEOPLE..... and just as trying to solve this cancer puzzle at the material level winds down under the direction of larger forces, doors are magically and spectacularly opening for me to explore the potentials of energy medicine, thoughtform purification, spontaneous asana, shaking practices and breath work. next sunday i look forward to joining a group of shakers for some work after dharma class. no obstructions. how lovely!

Ratu Bagus - DVD Introduction - YouTube

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