Saturday, June 22, 2013


i completed the final of the three tests on friday afternoon, the only time last week that i encountered a significant wait time or less than inspired intake staff. i arrived at 1330 and it was after 1600 that i was finally put on an IV, injected and taken into the room with the tube, and that was after someone who i knew had a 1530 appointment was ushered in before me. i'm amazed this sort of thing doesn't happen more often actually, but when it does i just take it as an opportunity to put things in context. its easy to feel like your needs are important but in fact there's always a whole room of other people who feel exactly the same way, so there's nothing to be gained from leaning into that feeling like a puffer fish. there are always other things to notice. when i'm delayed i pay attention to the conversation around me, the inputs like the TV or radio or some other noise i can't prohibit from my present because i'm stuck there, aren't i? when i look at things in an open way like that always something emerges which makes sense of the timing... a phone call that i suddenly have time and the right mood to receive and undertake; a nearby conversation i can't not listen to that brings something relevant to my ears, and so on.

the test itself was uneventful though i felt more wary of this injection than the others and i later understood why. i was okay at the premier of my friend's film, but as the evening drew to an end the vague headache i had became quite unpleasant, so in addition to drinking a lot of water like the technicians told me i must (which i would do anyway) i took a homeopathic and tried to sleep it off. i had a few hours of intermittent flashing lights under my eyelids that prevented sleep but by the morning i was right as rain (and yes, it was raining!).

i tested my blood glucose and am incredibly pleased that its scoring really low, like 4.8! i'm still showing high ketones in my urine, so the two indicators suggest that i've arrived into this new metabolic state and so now its just a question of time and persistence. i felt really well-rested and strong today and frankly a little fantastic since i was able to add some E3 Live to my routine (oh phenylethylamine how i LOVE you!!!), plus i'm not feeling hungry, hard done or weakened by reducing my caloric intake. i did a hot pilates class, which i adore. the hot yoga is purgative and builds inner fire and strength, but the pilates builds new mind-body connections in the brain and with its subtle, small movements, targets the deep muscles which we often have scant awareness or acquaintance with. they're only offered a couple times a week where i practice so i always do my best to make them.

in a great stroke of fortune, armin has some appliances i've been able to use, the zapper being the principal one, but i've started using this magnetic pulser he also had in his kit... according to the manufacturer, it cleans lymphatic tissue... "The Bioplasmic Magnetic Pulser acts as a body cellular "washing machine" which resonates the lymph nodes and tissue of the organs including the liver, kidney, and spleen, while at the same time boosting the immune system. You are stimulating the body's ability to detox correctly and efficiently.... it increases blood flow, oxygen-carrying capacity, improves circulation, reducing calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels, it stabilizes enzyme activities and hormone production, it maintains the ideal acidic base balance level of all body fluids, regains proper function of the autonomic nerve function and internal organs, and enhances resistance to disease by invigorating the immune system with magnetic waves..."


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