Friday, June 14, 2013

so the mystery deepens...

it emerges that the tests so far are inconclusive and require more differentiation. the biopsy results of the lymph node won't be available until next week. the breast work so far suggests what i've been speculating... that this is not the primary site of the cancer. so far the results point to either bone, blood or skin cancer, but two of the 'receptor' tests are still to be processed... these will tell us if the biopsied tissue tests positive for estrogen or not... therefore the tumour may still clarify as a breast cancer, but this seems increasingly more unlikely given its aggressive growth and opportunistic composition.

it will take the next two weeks for me to get the MRIs, the bone and CAT scans that should tell the doctors more. i won't know whether surgery will still be an option until i meet again with my surgeon in two weeks... it may be that chemotherapy is the only thing they can offer me. i have been put on a priority list for the scheduling of all these things, i will be seeing a general oncologist soon, and i've been offered a chance to participate in genetic testing since i'm adopted and have no medical history which makes me a candidate for this new experimental program.

i'm as interested as i was from the start in acquiring all the information as i can so that i can make decisions that work best for me. increasingly it looks like regular medicine won't be able to do much anyway, which leaves me in not much of a different position than i was in at the start... i have to find the solution, within given means, and make the best of it. quality of life is more important to me than length of life and so as before, staying positive and bringing my best to this is my bottom line responsibility.

i know that a researcher in the US who uses the ketogenic diet to treat cancer spoke of non-toxic drugs that were used to amplify ketosis and when i consulted with the surgeon today she mentioned that i would have to bring these ideas to the oncologist, they won't go out and follow up on the information for me, which seems fair enough. so there's some homework to do over the next two weeks....

viva la vida!

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