Tuesday, June 25, 2013

psychic surgery...

as i was going to sleep last night i invited my invisible allies to tuck in and perform any energetic surgery that would help me at this time. i had the following dream...

there is a woman lying on the floor to my left beside the bed but in opposite orientation (head where my feet are) and her cranium is exposed, she is having surgery done to her brain and i can see hands working and the wiring pulled up and out of the corpus callosum like spaghetti. she sits up and announces that they're killing her and then lies back down again.

i was talking with a couple friends yesterday about death/rebirth cycles, both subtle and gross, ie. how some must be undertaken literally while some can be experienced in metaphor or by analogy. traditions the world over speak of the dark night of the soul and near death experiences that transform a person irrevocably, just as a literal death sheds the form we've established in this round and integrates the learning acquired. my aim is to surf this cancer into a metaphoric death/rebirth from the deepest level of my cells outward in all my forms of manifestation and this has been much on my mind.

i feel incredibly blessed that allies responded to my call and came to me in dreamtime to tell me that indeed, the old shell is being put to rest as new connections are being developed between the two hemispheres that currently operate in an imbalanced, distorted fashion.

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